Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get?
You will receive a web site together with our state of the art marketing tools and promoters package which will assist you in generating traffic to the site. There is NO software development fees and NO monthly fees!

What are my responsibilities?
We drive traffic to the site online. Your primary responsibility is to promote the site offline in which we guide you every step of the way. What ever level you come in at INCLUDES us driving traffic to the site online!

How do I track the activity of my site?
You'll get the most detailed and comprehensive statistics and tracking program so you can accurately review your sales information and site traffic on a daily basis.

Do I need any computer skills?
No. You do not need any computer skills; you don't even need to own a computer. This is a completely turnkey business.

How can I be sure that the results of the casino games are fair and accurate?
The software is randomly audited by an independent technical firm. This process insures that the casino's odds are in accordance with real world results. It further verifies that the casino is sufficiently protected from external and internal breaches.

Is this business /industry legal?
Each country is sovereign. The government of one cannot control gaming laws of another. The internet is a global communications network; it is not bound by the laws of any single government.

Each casino operates under a gaming license issued by their own particular government which is based outside the USA.

This is the same thing as if you were just advertising for a casino that is right down the street from you. NO ONE could stop you from doing that and NO ONE can stop you from doing this.

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