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"Not only is Internet gambling already possible , already a modestly thriving Industry, it promises to become huge" - Ted Koppel, Nightline

"The gambling urge is universal , mixing it with the ubiquity of the Internet is a stroke of genius." - GQ Magazine

"We believe our projections of Internet gambling revenues of $100 to $ 200 Billion domestically and $200-$400 Billion in the rest of the world is reasonable, even conservative." - The Baker Report

"A gold rush in Cyberspace." - U.S. News and World report on Internet gambling

"Net traffic is doubling every 100 days." - U.S. Commerce Department

"Online gambling turnovers have the potential to dwarf those of other interactive services , tapping into an existing traditional gambling market valued at over $700 Billion in Europe alone." - Datamonitor, a market analyst corporation

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